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August 24 2019

How do you a heal a digestion that's "off"?

Here are 7 tips (and hint: one of them has to do with how you eat melons).

TIPS SHARED HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQrywwZC2zE&t=25s

August 16 2019


My "What I eat in a day - raw vegan and pregnant " video is now up on my YT channel!

I have found that my diet has really helped so far to support an easeful and joyful pregnancy - I share about that as well as the herbs I've been using, and my take on supplements and fasting during pregnancy.

Here's a link to the video if interested: https://www.youtu  

August 16 2019

Pay Attention Inside.. Now.

I’ll start by saying that I’m fine now, but I recently had an 36 hour episode of unusual significant physical pain that rocked me with fear and true discomfort.
Pain is sometimes referred to by many healing practitioners as Pay Attention Inside Now.

If we are able to see past the “inconvenience” and discomfort of it, pain (whether physical, mental, or emotional) offers us an incredible opportunity to pay attention to what’s going on within.
While we may be tempted to  

August 9 2019

“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”
-Toni Morrison/Song of Solomon

I woke up a couple of days ago after a day of inexplicable sadness to find out that a great writer (and healer for me), Toni Morrison, had transitioned.

Ms Morrison’s books starting with Song of Solomon, then so many more, have been needed balm for me throughout my life.

Bibliotherapy is real. Find the books that help you feel all the feels, that help you stand within yourself and lift your head up just a little  

July 27 2019
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Thanks to vidalSPEAKS for inviting me as the latest podcast guest on this fantastic wellness platform.
We covered why and how I prescribe fresh fruit to my patients (including those with diabetes), my  

July 23 2019
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Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and well wishes around my pregnancy. It felt so good to receive ❤️🙏🏾

I’ve been incorporating more omega 3 rich nuts and seeds such as chia seeds and flax seeds into my diet during the pregnancy- great for baby’s development...and helpful for my own brain 😉

One way I enjoyed getting flax and chia seeds in this summer was through this raw vegan pizza. I made 4 of these personal pizzas to share with dear friends who were visiting us. To make the  

July 16 2019
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I love including edible flowers into my meals when possible. Apart from the beauty factor, flowers are often extremely rich in healing properties.
I made this soup (raw, vegan) a few evenings ago for dinner- it’s a base of spiced ginger/nettle sun tea  with spiralized zucchini noodles, wakame, and fresh slivered mushrooms. Crowned with marigold and dandelion flowers which both have  strong anti inflammatory properties as well as lots of antioxidants..

I’m still perfecting the recipe and will  

July 12 2019
How can minimalism help you achieve and sustain your healthy ideal weight?

How can minimalism help you achieve and sustain your healthy ideal weight?

How can minimalism help you achieve and sustain your healthy ideal weight?

Full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGZVJVMEW50&t=165s

July 9 2019

Embrace both the highs and lows.

Morning dance play with earthbound movements from an elevated space, to the music of Norah Jones.
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June 28 2019
If you struggle with food cravings

If you struggle with food cravings

If you struggle with food cravings.

For the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzOuhm-ADHU&t=3s

June 18 2019
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Homemade flax crackers that are high on flavor...and anti inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. A delicious alternative to regular bread and crackers that are both delicious and great for your body.

I paired the crackers with a sweet combo of my red current jam (sugar free) and creamy chia seed dip that I “uncooked” up😉

Recipe details will be in next month’s newsletter. You can sign up for my newsletters on my website www.drtumijohnson.com

Bon appétit! ❤️

June 15 2019
Two great strategies for better sleep...from your kitchen!

Two great strategies for better sleep...from your kitchen!

For more info on the membersip program: http://membership.drtumijohnson.com/member

June 11 2019
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Such a special moment in my recent stay in NYC: coming “home” to dance class Movement Research with this amazing teacher and incredible human, Nia Love Dance .

Her classes, for me, are always joy-filled, rigorous in the best sense of the word, steeped in both ancestral traditions and soul liberation..

The aligned timing of her class and my short trip was nothing less than a blessing and I am grateful I was present to see and respond to the offered opportunity.

🦋May we all stay woke and heart-open  

June 8 2019

How do you create an incredibly tasty, mineral rich and nutrient dense alternative to a classic pasta dish...and without the post-food coma? ;)  

Just like this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8b8k2J2XC0&t=21s   Bon appétit! <3>

May 29 2019


I was honored to be recently interviewed by the wonderful team at Uplifted Being and the conversation was truly uplifted.

It's one of my favorite podcast interviews so far. We delved into the spiritual and emotional aspects of health,  how we are ALL dancers at heart, and much more.

Check out their wonderful platform and our interview  

May 22 2019

There are few places that imprint themselves into your backbone, that you take with you wherever you go across the universe.

This is one for me. I did a lot of growing into myself here and every time I come back to this city, I give thanks.

***What places have been vital for your growth and healing? How do you honor them? ❤

music: Across the Universe (this rendition sung by Fiona Apple).

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April 30 2019
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Food for my wild woman body and nourishment for my wild woman soul..
It took me so long to finally read this incredible book..but as with everything, what perfect timing..
As for the loquats, I’ve been loving this vitamin A and C rich fruit which has been sprinkled into our garden by its lovely tree, and sharing them with the squirrels. They taste like Spring. Or a rousing blend of tart plum and pear, with a hint of mango..
What delicious fruits are you enjoying wherever you are and what book  

April 28 2019
I wonder as I wander.. a healing poem and dance collage for you.

I wonder as I wander.. a healing poem and dance collage for you.

As a poet, physician, and dancer, I care very much about the the meeting place of art and healing, and more specifically, how dance and poetry can serve as powerful medicine.

This specific piece explores the following questions: Where is our home and what keeps stirring our want to wander? What are we all searching for? What can we do to help one another build a home?

Here is the poem I wrote from which the dance is crafted:

I wonder as I wander and that is why
I wander.

This hunger for awe

April 22 2019
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How well are you loving your Mama?.
The health of this planet and our own personal well-being is inextricably connected.
Every day is an opportunity for Earth Day, for making choices that are a respectful bow to ourselves, other beings and Mother Gaia who holds us all.
One very practical way to do just this : significantly reduce your use of plastic!..
🌿You can check out my recent YT video - an empowering and inspiring interview with the co-creators of Ahimsa Eco Solutions  a fantastic  

April 13 2019

How can we step into the light of  this hopeful and breezy season?
Feeling very much in the mood for Spring with a playful improv to Mr. Charlie Parker.
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April 11 2019
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Back Stateside and in Cali after 2 days of traveling from Asia and can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with Cali citrus. Had a sunny breakfast of these delicious local navel oranges while grounding at a park near my sister’s. Sunshine on my skin AND sunshine internally with this light filled fruit. Apart from the gorgeous mood lifting energetics of oranges, this food is a fantastic source of  

April 4 2019

There is a quite a bit of misinformation and worry around fruit. Part of this has to do with equating fruit with fructose. Why is it not accurate to make that equation?  I discuss this in a recent video addressing the correlation fruit consumption and NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9KZ5iDzRXc&t=5s

Please share with anyone who you think might benefit and help dispel some myths  

March 30 2019

Rise above the fray and find your music amidst the noise.
Morning dance rehearsal in Kuala Lumpur.
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March 12 2019
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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Nature is turning a page and we are shifting into a new season. What are you excited to bring to life in the coming season? Share below!
And begin it now🦋

#claritycomeswithaction #beboldbeyou #boldmoves #palmtreesfordays #islandlife🌴 #kohphanganlife #dreamersanddoers

March 2 2019

This is not my usual video post but wanted to share this with you.

The footage was caught just  before my recent dance performance/health presentation at the wonderful #KPGFF.

I had no idea the camera was on yet.

I was feeling physically not great this day and my sweetheart Žare Manojlovič came by to check in with me before I started my presentation.

He does this all the time and I know how it feels (amazing), but it put a smile on my face to see on video the way I light up with him.


February 28 2019

Really enjoyed my recent interview  Andrea Abazari, a trained holistic dentist and all around fantastic human being.  

Dr. Abazari  is also at the helm of some incredibly creative projects including the first ever all-fruitarian restaurant as well as and an eco village, both in Koh Phangan Thailand.

Andrea  shared his wisdom and experience around dental health, preventing teeth issues on a high fruit diet, the relationship between teeth health and brain health and much more!  You can  

February 23 2019
Photos from Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing

Photos from Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing's post

One of the best parts of being on the gorgeous island of Koh Phangan this time around has been attending the Koh Phangan Fruit Festival. A few favorite moments of this festival so far have been .
1. Partner yoga with @zzzzare
2. Learning Muay Boran from fantastic teacher @saifon_muayboran
3. Planting durian trees at a developing eco village .
If you are near Koh Phangan, come check out #KPGFF for the final week of this great festival. I’ll be teaching another yoga class, giving a second dance  

February 15 2019


It was a complete pleasure to be interviewed on the fantastic podcast, Primal Happiness, by Lian Brook-Tyler

Our conversation was all about the medicinal power of movement and it was one of my favorite podcasts to date!

I share how movement was integral in my healing journey, examples of how I "prescribe" movement play to my patients and clients, and how you can craft a movement practice that up-levels  

February 12 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day week!Whether it’s more time with Mama Nature or doing anything else that brings you deep pleasure, gift yourself some extra love during this time. Self love is a powerful healing force, a gift to ourselves and to all our relationships.

Sending you much love currently from Koh Phangan🙏🏾😘

#loveheals #danceverywhere #ilovewaterfalls #selflovefirst #valentinesdaygiftideas #danceinnature #delicioushealing

February 5 2019
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Timeline Photos

Feels wonderful to back on the lovely island of Koh Phangan, in part to join in the first ever Koh Phangan Fruit Festival #kpgff

Having din din at one of our favorite spots, Karma  Kafe.  A cleansing and heart opening combo of dark leafy greens, cucumber, ginger, and mint in the Pure Greenie smoothie. Plus a delicious platter of the raw sushi, made with iodine rich nori, cauliflower “rice”+colorful veggies with probiotic rich fermented ginger. And a shared slice of raw chocolate pie for  

January 26 2019
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This is one of my favorite plants on the planet. Aloe vera. A minimalist traveling girl’s dream, this multifunctional plant is easy to find in so many parts of the world, and I love using it regularly for my natural skin and hair care, as well as a power ingredient in detoxifying juices..
Aloe vera is brimming with vitamins, enzymes like anti-inflammatory bradykinase and minerals such as zinc which helps with wound healing and is a great astringent. All of this translates to healthy skin and  

January 20 2019
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“Breaking my fast” Sunday with a awesome brekkie of this vibrant watermelon. This food is so hydrating and high in lycopene (which reduces oxidative stress in the body), this yellow skinned “torpedo” is also one of tastiest watermelon varieties.

Making healthy food choices that honor you and support you feeling your best, is just one way of practicing self care even when you are in the midst of others making different choices.

Tomorrow, in Chiang Mai, as part of the wonderful Fruit winter  

January 12 2019
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After coming to Thailand for 5 consecutive years, this dish just doesn’t get old for me. Papaya salad. Raw green papaya are high in papain which helps tremendously with digestion. Mix that with beta carotene rich shredded carrots, fresh lime juice, which is mucolytic, fresh chilis which are so warming and great for the circulation, as well as a healthy dose of garlic (an anti-oxidant powerhouse). The result after the “pok pok” factor (blending all these ingredients in through mortar and  

January 10 2019


What are you excited to create this year? What passion of yours do you want to ignite?  

I get a lot of questions around my dancing- how I stay consistent with my dance practice and what inspires me to keep creating and performing my poemdances.

I answer this as well as share tips on how to nurture and be consistent with your passions in my new YT video, which you can find here:

January 3 2019

Keep it simple! New Year's health resolution tip :)


The video cut out at the end! I am sending you so much love wherever in the world you are <>

for more information on my membership program, check out this video i recently made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbp1pohqaqu&t=32s
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have a wonderful start to 2019!! for="" more="" information="" on="" my="" membership="" program,="" check="" out="" this="" video="" i="" recently="" made:=""  

December 28 2018


I am so thrilled to announce that Your Delicious Life, my membership program, is here!

The coming New Year is a beautiful opportunity for a new beginning and I created this program to be packed with "medicine" to help you up-level into your best and most delicious life <3 some="" of="" what="" you'll="" be="" receiving="" when="" you="" become="" a="" member="" of="" your="" delicious="" life:="" -="" a="" monthly="" q+a="" video="" in="" which="" i="" answer="" your="" health="" questions="" ranging="" from="" diet="" and="" exercise="" to="" healthy="" relationships,="" and="" much="" more.="" -="" inspiring="" emails="" from="" me="" that="" motivate="" you="" to="" stay="" consistent="" with="" your="" best="" health="" practices.="" -="" healing="" dances="" and="" audio="" meditations="" i="" create="" for="" you.="" -="" “behind-the-scenes”="" videos="" in="" which="" i="" share="" my="" healthy="" lifestyle="" and="" show="" you="" how="" i="" realistically="" implement="" the="" tips="" i="" offer="" you,="" into="" my="" own="" life.="" there="" is="" more="" included="" in="" the="" membership,="" so="" check="" out="" the="" link:="" https://offerings.drtumijohnson.com/="" and="" if="" you="" are="" ready,="" come="" join="" me!=""><3>

December 19 2018
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I am so ready for the approaching solstice.

It’s a perfect time to harness the energy of the sun “standing still,” kick off my heels and take the time to give myself some rest-oration during this full-tilt season.
Whether through a fast, extra time in Mother Nature, or a small but meaningful ritual for you, take a moment (or several) to tap into the potent energy of this shift.

#standstill #solstice #restmore #wintersolstice #restingplaces
#naturewisdom #dancerinthedark #whenthesunstandsstill

December 15 2018

Getting grounded and activating my pine- al gland :)

How are you staying connected with Nature during the busy holiday season? Let me know down below!

I also have a meditation video that I created recently for you with tips on how to stay consistent with your meditation practice and a short guided meditation. You can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHdCnZD3twg  <3>

December 10 2018
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Balance. Open. Receive.

Dancing, I find myself in a version of a standing figure four yoga pose.

Apart from that luscious piriformis stretch this movement provides, it offers life guidance as the year spins to a close.

****How do you find your balance when you feel like you have one foot off the ground?

I am finding that once I focus on balance (my unique version of it), I can then open up and receive, arms extended and head bowed, the gorgeous gifts of this season.
🦋How are you finding your  

December 5 2018


These are just 3 reasons why I choose to eat a living plant foods diet. The beauty of the food and how beautiful I feel eating this way. The peacefulness of the diet in terms of how stable my mood on it and also the way this eating plan minimizes harm to other beings. And the vitality- incredible energy and absence of dis-ease. And