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the poemdances

The Poemdances

March 9 2018
Now You Are Free

Now You Are Free

Winter 2018


Now You Are Free - a guided mediation love poem


Welcome to here. Welcome to your body. To the home of your breath.

I invite you to take an inhale and let  the energy of the  

September 29 2017
It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

Summer 2017


It Happened 

It happened. 

When it was happening, 

everything I knew to be true became

a question mark. And it marked

me into a misstep so that my footing

tripped, tumbled, stopped. There was 

September 29 2017
I Am the Sane

I Am the Sane

Spring 2017

September 29 2017


Winter 2017

September 29 2017


Fall 2016




coast retreat solar painted

mountains and a raw desert

cactus integrating a meaning

to the stars





hope is journeying

live miles by candlelight


a family is home


September 3 2016

Darkness is a beginning

Summer 2016


Darkness is a beginning


Are you feeling a storm within? 

Can you stay with it a bit longer, and then 

scream, sing, pray, but first do what you need

to say to it, “I hear you.”


May 24 2016

Resting Pulses


The Rooftop


Sometimes in all the movement, I am stung

by a calling to stillness. Above the fray,

elevated over the tides of constant motion.

Where is your rest point?


Oh how I love a good rooftop. 


May 24 2016

Weed Song


Weed Song


I do not have a straight up and down-ess,

I do not blush in hues of pink. I come not in

timely rows. I’ve never been blameless,

and you’ll miss my bloom if you blink.


You passed me on the way to tulip,

May 24 2016

I Am Home


I am Home


What space can hold us today?


There is laughter in all the rooms.

Crying in some, at times.

Here, there are all the in-between



Stanzas of bare feet, ripening corners

of fruit. Warm wide  

May 24 2016





When you fall for yourself, make it a colossus of a

fall. Let your comeuppance be something

to be witnessed. They etched out a lighted path and you took to

bush roads instead. You returned to that room again  

May 24 2016

Rehearsal excerpt from "L


To Spite


Despite all obvious signs.

Despite certain aging

and endless ballads of seasons ending

or your love found in another’s arms.


Despite century old tragedies

having less to do with war

and more with the  

May 24 2016

Shed the head


Shed the Head


Is love our vestige? We walk with the shrunken

remains of it, trying to hide it

like an unsatisfactory appendage,

like a fin. What are the apertures to our oldest selves?—

kindness, tears, unadulterated

May 24 2016

Try not to be scared


Scorpio Cat Woman  

      (“Try not to be scared”)


I scratched the back of his neck

and it marked the beginning

of the end. Seven months later,


March 1 2016

It Only Takes One


It Only Takes One


a burst in the mouth

good fruit begins as good seed

unfurls into more.



– Tumi Johnson



Choreography/Dancer: Tumi Johnson

Music: “Juicy” by ALBIS


September 1 2015

Air Hunger


Air Hunger


The problem with fantasy- one of them-

is that I forget to breathe. I forget that my body craves

the citrus like ballooning of inhale,

exhale’s slow cherry release.


What happens when appetite is misplaced?

May 31 2015

Your Highness


Cormorant Anthem


I was called greedy

when they saw my wingspan.

Antinomian. I stretched out

wide arms and rose for flight. I craned my neck.

I took my fill. They called me the devil.

But they were absent at the prelude.