Tumi Johnson

the poemdances

May 31 2015

Your Highness


Cormorant Anthem


I was called greedy

when they saw my wingspan.

Antinomian. I stretched out

wide arms and rose for flight. I craned my neck.

I took my fill. They called me the devil.

But they were absent at the prelude.



I had to train myself to give up this weight

I vomited before predators came, to be sharper for the fight, lighter for the flight.

I had to show that this sleeve of fear was disposable. I needed nothing

physical, no burdens, no thing. They thought me vulgar

when I unzipped my dress and dove into dance.

But they did not know me at the start, when

I was something more inchoate, those

moments my head bent to a gaze,

the shame at my bill’s curve.

Now my mouth is a

blade. I need no

pretty songs

when I

fill the



-Tumi Johnson



Choreography/Dancer: Tumi Johnson

Music:  Nathanael Farris

Camera: Kai Morrison

September 29 2017
It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

Summer 2017


It Happened 

It happened. 

When it was happening, 

everything I...  

September 29 2017
I Am the Sane

I Am the Sane

Spring 2017

September 29 2017


Winter 2017

September 29 2017


Fall 2016




coast retreat solar painted

mountains and a raw desert

cactus integrating a...  

September 3 2016

Darkness is a beginning

Summer 2016


Darkness is a beginning


Are you feeling a storm within? 

May 24 2016

Resting Pulses


The Rooftop


Sometimes in all the movement, I am stung

by a calling to stillness. Above the fray,

May 24 2016

Weed Song


Weed Song


I do not have a straight up and down-ess,

I do not blush in hues of pink. I come not in

May 24 2016

I Am Home


I am Home


What space can hold us today?


There is laughter in all the rooms.

Crying in some, at...  

May 24 2016





When you fall for yourself, make it a colossus of a

fall. Let your comeuppance be...  

May 24 2016

Rehearsal excerpt from "L


To Spite


Despite all obvious signs.

Despite certain aging

and endless ballads of seasons ending