Tumi Johnson

the poemdances

May 24 2016

Shed the head


Shed the Head


Is love our vestige? We walk with the shrunken

remains of it, trying to hide it

like an unsatisfactory appendage,

like a fin. What are the apertures to our oldest selves?—

kindness, tears, unadulterated

joy? Silence is being replaced by


any noise we can make. And we

are making it loudly, deafening

the present.


What are the undiscovered folds of the brain?

Tucked in their recesses is a reassurance.

We are from the same tribe.


But love has been quoted into gradiations

Degraded into quotients. As we make the cut,

Somehow none of us is making the cut.  How does one

shed the head?


If you forget everything, remember this:

You have a place at the table.

Remember that the most important memory

is right now and was always right



Forget it. The memory is gone.

Can you remember this?:



-Tumi Johnson

Choreography: Tumi Johnson    
 Dancer: Tumi Johnson                                                       
Music: “Pan and Guitar” by Peter Barr
September 29 2017
It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

Summer 2017


It Happened 

It happened. 

When it was happening, 

everything I...  

September 29 2017
I Am the Sane

I Am the Sane

Spring 2017

September 29 2017


Winter 2017

September 29 2017


Fall 2016




coast retreat solar painted

mountains and a raw desert

cactus integrating a...  

September 3 2016

Darkness is a beginning

Summer 2016


Darkness is a beginning


Are you feeling a storm within? 

May 24 2016

Resting Pulses


The Rooftop


Sometimes in all the movement, I am stung

by a calling to stillness. Above the fray,

May 24 2016

Weed Song


Weed Song


I do not have a straight up and down-ess,

I do not blush in hues of pink. I come not in

May 24 2016

I Am Home


I am Home


What space can hold us today?


There is laughter in all the rooms.

Crying in some, at...  

May 24 2016





When you fall for yourself, make it a colossus of a

fall. Let your comeuppance be...  

May 24 2016

Rehearsal excerpt from "L


To Spite


Despite all obvious signs.

Despite certain aging

and endless ballads of seasons ending