Tumi Johnson

the poemdances

May 24 2016

I Am Home


I am Home


What space can hold us today?


There is laughter in all the rooms.

Crying in some, at times.

Here, there are all the in-between



Stanzas of bare feet, ripening corners

of fruit. Warm wide windows. A large lipped

bowl of raspberries shared on the front



And did I mention spare?


Spare. From the bathroom, I stand wet and see

to glass, to trees and sky. White walls.

It’s where I am. A study in music, babies, planted

bulbs. It’s where you are. Dimensions x by y by a.

X is sanctuary. Y, creativity. A is for hard improbable

love. I love how light we can be.


I hung up grace on this wall because it reflects the sun’s

light so well. We ripped out the old planks and lay down

passion instead. It really is the best material and our brand

stands up to time. For insulation from inevitable pain, here

is joy, in multiple sets,



Oh, and this peace?

This peace we shipped back from Ibadan,

or was it Tennessee?


-Tumi Johnson


Choreography: Tumi Johnson

Dancer:  Tumi Johnson

Music:  CocoRosie, Samite


March 9 2018
Now You Are Free

Now You Are Free

Winter 2018


Now You Are Free - a guided mediation love poem


September 29 2017
It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

It Happened - a poemdance for healing from trauma

Summer 2017


It Happened 

It happened. 

When it was happening, 

everything I...  

September 29 2017
I Am the Sane

I Am the Sane

Spring 2017

September 29 2017


Winter 2017

September 29 2017


Fall 2016




coast retreat solar painted

mountains and a raw desert

cactus integrating a...  

September 3 2016

Darkness is a beginning

Summer 2016


Darkness is a beginning


Are you feeling a storm within? 

May 24 2016

Resting Pulses


The Rooftop


Sometimes in all the movement, I am stung

by a calling to stillness. Above the fray,

May 24 2016

Weed Song


Weed Song


I do not have a straight up and down-ess,

I do not blush in hues of pink. I come not in

May 24 2016





When you fall for yourself, make it a colossus of a

fall. Let your comeuppance be...  

May 24 2016

Rehearsal excerpt from "L


To Spite


Despite all obvious signs.

Despite certain aging

and endless ballads of seasons ending