Tumi Johnson

the poemdances

October 6 2017

My new poemdance has been completed. It is called It Happened, and the piece is all about how we navigate through and rise through trauma. To see the dance and hear the poem, you can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boZ9D11dh_Q&t=1s  Much love and healing to you <3>

March 9 2018

My new poemdance, Now You Are Free, is now available to watch. It is a guided meditation and dance piece that was created as a heart-opener. Enhanced with music by the talented Eddie deSouza, the dance is intended to help us rise up into our true,...  

February 23 2018

My book, Delicious Healing, came out this month and I have been so humbled and thrilled by the response.  

The book is not just my writing but also contains my dance.


January 22 2018
Chiang Mai dance rehearsal

Chiang Mai dance rehearsal

Happy 2018! I have had a busy beginning of the year-- giving yoga classes as well as dance performance/holistic health presentations at the amazing #fruitwinterfest in Thailand.. as well as working on my new poemdance which is a dance and guided...  

December 8 2017

Sending so much love to a place and community that are dear to my heart: Ojai and those that live in/nearby who have been affected by the fires. You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Here is a clip from a recent rehearsal of my new poemdance, which...  

November 17 2017

Love, Barcelona, and the book Eating Animals are all some of my inspirations behind the new poemdance I am working on. I just uploaded a video about these current inspirations including rehearsal clips. And you can check it out here:  

October 27 2017

Feeling grateful for being on the beautiful island of La Palma on the Canary Islands. It's been a wonderful place for getting some much needed rest, and also for dancing. To see some short video clips of my dancing, you can find me on Instagram...  

September 22 2017

My short poemdance film, California, has been selected to be a part of 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival in San Diego, CA. The film will be screened September 30 at Art Produce in North Park. For more information and to get tickets to the festival,...  

September 4 2017

A new poemdance is slowly getting created. And a lot of it is inspired by trauma-- how we navigate through it and heal from it. To craft this piece, I am pulling from recent (and more remote) personal experiences as well as a lot of the traumatic...  

August 12 2017

An integral part of my ability to express myself and work as a channel for healing through dance, has to do with how I nourish myself both physically and mentally/emotionally. On August 19 at 2:30pm at Presidio Park in San Diego,  I will be giving a...  

July 26 2017


I am thrilled to be performing and presenting in a place I called home for 2 years and which keeps calling me back:...