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March 9 2018

Now You Are Free

Winter 2018


Now You Are Free - a guided mediation love poem


Welcome to here. Welcome to your body. To the home of your breath.

I invite you to take an inhale and let  the energy of the infinite, of love fill

your breathing spaces. Let it expand your ribs, occupy your lungs.


And now,


Exhale out fear. Exhale out what no longer serves you.

Exhale out what is untrue.

Exhale out what is not you.



Again inhale,

And then exhale.


Feel the beautiful cage of your ribs move in the rhythm

of receiving and releasing.


Of letting in and letting go.


Inhale and exhale.

And now I invite you to bring awareness to your heart.

That muscled organ that dances within the walls of your ribcage.


That stamps its foot to give you life, that claps its hands to feed your

brain, your belly. That pulses and sends out ripples of its feeling

throughout your body and to anyone who touches your.


Your heart welcomes you. It welcomes you.

Look at it. What is its color? What is the vibrancy of that color?

And how well is it dancing?


Feel its power. It has strength beyond your imagination because

it is holds the frequency of love.


Your heart holds the frequency of love no matter what anyone might have

told you, no matter what you have done. No matter who you think

you are.


Inhale and exhale


You heart is meant to beat in time with love.


How can you heal? How can you love more? How can you be happy?


Inhale, exhale.


Walk to your heart, take your palms, touch it, and release the caul, any

covering of shame, of bitterness, of fear that might be holding/binding it down.

And in doing so, free your heart.

Let the love within in it seep out so that it beats

stronger, so that it dances with more power

so that you dance with love, so that you move through

life in love.


Inhale, Exhale.


Now you are free.


                            - Tumí Johnson


September 29 2017
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Rehearsal excerpt from "L


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