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September 11 2018

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One of the reasons I love making more elaborate dishes (apart from the creative joy of it) is the opportunity to incorporate beautiful and healing herbs into meals.

I made a few raw vegan pizzas for a family dinner the other day and it felt great to intentionally choose and incorporate medicinal plants that not just upped the deliciousness quotient of the meal, but its healing power as well.

The crust was a blend of raw fermented buckwheat and anti inflammatory omega 3 rich flax and chia seeds.

The sauce was a yummy and potent blend of red pepper, home sundried tomatoes made even more nutrient and healing rich with anti bacterial dried oregano, memory protective fresh rosemary, and garlic which is amazing for both the cardiovascular and immune systems.

The pizza cheese was raw fermented cashew cheese I made at home, full of probiotics to support the gut microbiome.

What are your current favorite medicinal herbs and how are you using them in your meals?

Bon appétit and to your health❤️

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November 25 2018
Photos from Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing

Photos from Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing's post

Feeling gratitude for Jesús, the mastermind behind @cafeecoeco, one of our favorite food spots in the Canary Islands..
The raw vegan cakes here are mind blowingly good and Jesús was kind enough to provide these delectable desserts as the sweet end...  

November 23 2018
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


This is one of my favorite foods. Especially during this time of year. To me, it looks and tastes like celebration and all things merry. Not to mention that...  

November 1 2018

Prepping for a wedding is not stress free, especially when it’s your own.
Hikes with my sweetheart @zzzzare and dancing in the mountains have been amazing for staying present to all the feelings of this special time.

Wishing you ease and presence...  

October 27 2018
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Sometimes the simplest things are the tastiest, especially with top notch ingredients..
This is my “buckwheat stir”: raw buckwheat soaked for about 14 hours, drained, then seasoned with a bit of apple cider vinegar, green mojo (a spice blend here...  

October 21 2018

“Enter. Break open in the Calima like discomfort of true love....”

The full poemdance Calima is here.

It was uncomfortable and yet liberating to create this piece and I am thrilled to share it with you.

🦋Watch, listen and experience the dance in...  

October 17 2018
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

It was a total pleasure to have been interviewed on the Vegetarian Zen podcast and the interview is now available to listen to on their fantastic website vegetarianzen.com

Check it out! ❤️🙏🏾.
#vegetarianzen #plantbasedliving #holistichealing...  

October 11 2018

Three qualities of dragonfruit that make it a favorite food I recommend for supporting women in having optimal and vibrantly healthy moon cycles.

*Why are these properties helpful for your hormones?

*What other foods (ones you can find wherever you...  

October 8 2018


Of the less than 30 items in my wardrobe, this is probably my favorite piece: a wrap dress made from hemp, that I bought from an artisan a few years back in...  

October 5 2018
Two fantastic foods for supporting your moon cycle

Two fantastic foods for supporting your moon cycle

to register for the october 14 online lecture/session and/or for any of the other lectures in this great series, please email caitlyn at caitlynconlin@gmail.com...  

October 2 2018

On October 14th from 11am-12:30pm PST, I will be offering to women an online presentation on the Moon cycle from a hormonal perspective, AND sharing eating and movement practices that are aligned with the cyclic wisdom of our bodies.