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September 11 2018

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One of the reasons I love making more elaborate dishes (apart from the creative joy of it) is the opportunity to incorporate beautiful and healing herbs into meals.

I made a few raw vegan pizzas for a family dinner the other day and it felt great to intentionally choose and incorporate medicinal plants that not just upped the deliciousness quotient of the meal, but its healing power as well.

The crust was a blend of raw fermented buckwheat and anti inflammatory omega 3 rich flax and chia seeds.

The sauce was a yummy and potent blend of red pepper, home sundried tomatoes made even more nutrient and healing rich with anti bacterial dried oregano, memory protective fresh rosemary, and garlic which is amazing for both the cardiovascular and immune systems.

The pizza cheese was raw fermented cashew cheese I made at home, full of probiotics to support the gut microbiome.

What are your current favorite medicinal herbs and how are you using them in your meals?

Bon appétit and to your health❤️

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October 2 2018

On October 14th from 11am-12:30pm PST, I will be offering to women an online presentation on the Moon cycle from a hormonal perspective, AND sharing eating and movement practices that are aligned with the cyclic wisdom of our bodies.  


September 28 2018
Minimalism, your wardrobe, and your health!

Minimalism, your wardrobe, and your health!

September 28 2018
Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing

Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing's cover photo

Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing updated their cover photo.

September 27 2018
Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing

Tumi Johnson - Performing Healing

I often talk about what we put in our bodies as an important facet of our health.. Well so is what we put ON our bodies...and today, I am not talking about soap or body butters but rather, our clothes.
I watched the documentary The True Cost a few...  

September 20 2018
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Timeline Photos

One of the many things I love about my work as a doctor is supporting women in feeling empowered and vibrant in their bodies.

This is why I am excited to be offering a session on The Moon’s Cycle Hormonal Wisdom, as part of The Wisdom of...  

September 15 2018
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Dessert swagger.

There are many things I love doing with this man. Long runs through the woods. Making bomb meals together. Bed yoga (check out my bed yoga video on You Tube if interested).

And I love taking couple selfies in natural spaces of random...  

September 7 2018
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Timeline Photos


It was a total joy being interviewed by Allison Pelot and Maja Gottlieb, the lovely ladies of Integrate Yourself Podcast

In the...  

September 1 2018
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Timeline Photos

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“when you put your bare feet on the ground of the place in which you are traveling, it helps you truly arrive. your skin takes in the messages and unique topography of this new place, and those messages enter through pores, through maybe a nick in...  

August 27 2018


* What is fast fashion and how is it as detrimental to our health as fast food?

* Are you reading the label on the new pair of jeans you are considering buying...  

August 21 2018
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Timeline Photos

I made this raw vegan birthday cheesecake for a dear woman in my life just last week. It is a joy to make beautiful and delicious food for the people I love that is also kind. Kind to the eater because the food is not just delicious but healthy....