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October 8 2018


Of the less than 30 items in my wardrobe, this is probably my favorite piece: a wrap dress made from hemp, that I bought from an artisan a few years back in California.

Why do I love it so? It is sensual and breathable because of its natural fibers that are devoid of chemical dyes. And it feels kind- kind because it is a joy to wear, kind because I know that those who created it were treated fairly and paid well, and kind because its production was a relatively light footprint on the earth.

What we put on our bodies in the way of our clothes is very much a health choice, one that can either enhance or harm our personal well being, the well being of others and that of the planet.

❤️One tip for making healthier clothing choices is to start looking at the inside tags of clothes you are considering purchasing and checking the fabric. I recommend whenever possible choosing natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and if desired, ahimsa silk.

❤️❤️For more tips and information on how to practice healthy and sustainable fashion, check out my You Tube video I made on this topic. Link is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huVnHGhcaWY&t=306s  

And if interested in my book on holistic health which includes a section on minimalism, you can check this link out:  http://drtumijohnson.com/en-US/55332/book

Much love.

February 15 2019


It was a complete pleasure to be interviewed on the fantastic podcast, Primal Happiness, by Lian Brook-Tyler

Our conversation was all about the medicinal...  

February 12 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day week!Whether it’s more time with Mama Nature or doing anything else that brings you deep pleasure, gift yourself some extra love during this time. Self love is a powerful healing force, a gift to ourselves and to all our...  

February 5 2019
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Feels wonderful to back on the lovely island of Koh Phangan, in part to join in the first ever Koh Phangan Fruit Festival #kpgff

Having din din at one of our favorite spots, Karma  Kafe.  A cleansing and heart opening combo of dark leafy greens,...  

January 26 2019
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Timeline Photos

This is one of my favorite plants on the planet. Aloe vera. A minimalist traveling girl’s dream, this multifunctional plant is easy to find in so many parts of the world, and I love using it regularly for my natural skin and hair care, as well as a...  

January 20 2019
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Timeline Photos

“Breaking my fast” Sunday with a awesome brekkie of this vibrant watermelon. This food is so hydrating and high in lycopene (which reduces oxidative stress in the body), this yellow skinned “torpedo” is also one of tastiest watermelon varieties.


January 12 2019
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Timeline Photos

After coming to Thailand for 5 consecutive years, this dish just doesn’t get old for me. Papaya salad. Raw green papaya are high in papain which helps tremendously with digestion. Mix that with beta carotene rich shredded carrots, fresh lime juice,...  

January 10 2019


What are you excited to create this year? What passion of yours do you want to ignite?  

I get a lot of questions around my dancing- how I stay consistent with my...  

January 3 2019

Keep it simple! New Year's health resolution tip :)


The video cut out at the end! I am sending you so much love wherever in the world you are <>

for more information on my membership program, check out this video i recently made:...  

December 28 2018


I am so thrilled to announce that Your Delicious Life, my membership program, is here!

The coming New Year is a beautiful opportunity for a new beginning and I created this...  

December 19 2018
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Timeline Photos

I am so ready for the approaching solstice.

It’s a perfect time to harness the energy of the sun “standing still,” kick off my heels and take the time to give myself some rest-oration during this full-tilt season.
Whether through a fast, extra time...